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Neil Winter has presented the Retro Soul and Funk Show on RSR since the station opened in 2010. The show goes out every Saturday between 10pm and Midnight (Uk time) with neil playing just great hand picked tracks from the Retro Soul Radio record library and not forgetting the ever popular Neils Soulbox where we cover the years 1960 thru 1975.

Double Bubble is a popular part of the show where Neil picks a classic album and plays a couple of great tracks at midnight. You can also catch Neil every Friday from 10pm with the US Billboard RnB charts where we play top ten hits from the 60s,70s,80s. So take a listen and you will hear some track your familiar with also tracks you may not have heard for years but all top ten hits and all gained lots of airplay on the radio in America in there respected years. The show re-runs every Sunday from 6pm.

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